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Project Description
Penguin Publish is a Webmatrix 2.0 extension for publishing your website via SFTP.
It is available only in HTML and PHP projects.

Penguin Publish for Webmatrix

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Version 0.4

While many excellent Windows utilities exist for connecting via SSH and SFTP to LAMP servers, Webmatrix does not have a built in process for publishing to a website hosted on LAMP. Penguin Publish emulates the built-in Webmatrix FTP and WebDeploy options that work very well for unsecured file transfers on Linux and IIS hosted environments.

This version is being published on Codeplex ahead of adding it to the Nuget repository of Webmatrix extensions. When the next version is released, it will be available in the Webmatrix Extensions Gallery. This release is not yet robust enough to submit there. Any input on the project specifications and source code is welcome. Please browse the documentation and use the discussions tab here on Codeplex to help influence the direction of the project.

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